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AMFCO brings our Services & Solutions experties to bear acroos Twelve areas of Core Competencies.


    SmartStream is a global software and managed services provider that in challenging markets conditions has outpaced its rivals in the financial markets sector, creating an impressive base of more than 1,500 customers. This includes more than 70 of the world’s top 100 banks alongside the world’s leading asset managers, custodians and broker dealers. At the heart of this success is the ability to react to client, market and regulatory changes through innovative solutions. That is why, even in challenging market conditions, the company continues to invest more than 20% of revenue back into research and development. The combination of SmartStream’s post-trade processing solutions, together with its unique Data Management Services, creates a real-time and pre-emptive approach to reducing trade failures while also accelerating and automating trade processes.

    Converged Communications

    Collaboration has become a business imperative. Should your business fail to plan for collaboration, the best result will be an environment filled with a myriad of systems and devices that duplicate functionality, do not integrate and leave users frustrated . At worst you will fail to attract and retain key employees, find that your competitors are more agile, and ultimately that your customers choose to do business with others. AMFCO Converged Communications line of business can assist you to integrate traditional communication tools, such as telephone and e-mail, with contemporary collaboration technologies such as Instant Messaging and visual communications. We can also offer you innovative ways to communicate internally as well as with customers from any location using any device and accessing any application.

    Data Center Solutions

    Data is exploding. Data centres are under mounting pressure to provide fast, scalable, secure and more efficient business services. Transforming data into new, actionable intelligence can help you gain a new level of insight and help you make timely business decisions, enabling you to become proactive and predictive, rather than reactive. Information thus becomes a strategic asset-one that can keep you one step ahead of the competition. Yet, against this backdrop, concerns such as security, compliance and costs remain. AMFCO Data Center Solutions' line of business provides comprehensive services around data center requirements, including storage archiving, backup and recovery, visualization and consolidation and cloud computing.

    Cloud Computing

    It is a difficult task for a customer to choose the right solution within the constraints of limited resources. They answer to questions like: How does Integration impact the overall IT & cloud implementation? Which solutions can meet the needs? AMFCO is into building Private clouds for the past few years. AMFCO has its own cloud which enables our customers to have a hybrid cloud i.e. Combination of Private & Public Cloud. We provide the customer Customized Cloud building for the efficiency in their business. AMFCO is now offering the services of migration and consultation to help our customers to implement the SaaS platforms like Office 365. In addition to this we are also offering IaaS Services to our customers. For every company the cloud has a different meaning. Some companies opt for few options of Cloud which seems to be relevant for them while others totally migrate themselves on cloud to perform all the operations. AMFCO helps you to discover what cloud can do for your business and to help you on your journey to success more efficiently and effectively.

    Customer Interactive

    Contact Centers are an integral part of the way you interact with your customers. How do you ensure your infrastructure is available, responsive and meets your contact center performance needs? Managing contact center performance needs specialized, technical skills that are expensive to retain and often divert your team's attention away from the strategic initiatives of your business. Through our Customer Interactive Solutions line of business, AMFCO can help maximize call routing efficiency, automate interactions and enhance agent performance, thus optimizing your overall business performance.


    Microsoft's technologies are pervasive in business today. From its desktop operating systems to complex server solutions, Microsoft is often the technology vendor of choice for essential IT and business activities. Considering the investment most organizations have made in Microsoft technologies, it becomes the natural place to start to extract efficiency and remove cost from the business .AMFCO Microsoft Solutions' line of business can alleviate this pressure by helping you plan, deploy and manage secure, optimized Microsoft desktop and server infrastructures that enable effective communication and collaboration to better achieve business goals.
    And why not? AMFCO can help you focus squarely on pursuing your business ambitions by managing diverse technology domains on your behalf. We can effectively troubleshoot problems and manage your network, anywhere, anytime regardless of its size.

    Financial Solutions

    AMFCO provides enterprise-wide, real time Transaction Lifecycle Management (TLM) software solutions that deliver sustainable ROI through non-disruptive business transformation. These solutions are used by 1,500 clients, including more than 75 of the world’s top 100 banks, to deliver control to the transaction lifecycle Management.Through our financial solution innovation and investment in the latest technology, customers are able to build scalable, flexible processes that bring real time visibility and control to operations. TLM solutions do not force the replacement of legacy systems, instead they leverage investments, retiring only those areas of weaknesses whilst integrating and adding to existing processing capabilities. In so doing, TLM solutions empower complex processing requirements across the front, middle and back-office.

    Acumatica ERP

    Cloud ERP is Enterprise Resource Planning software that is hosted in a platform over the Internet. The use of the term “Cloud” includes a broad set of applications and software deployment models, namely Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). After compiling several online resources, we created a generally accepted definition of cloud computing.
    The bottom line is that ERP software that is deployed in a cloud environment becomes “Cloud ERP Software”. Most (if not all) Cloud environments are built using virtualization and load balancing technology that allows applications to be deployed across multiple servers and database resources.

Our Twelve Core Competencies