About Us

AMFCO was formed in 1996 with an aim to provide specialized ICT solutions and services on a global platform and now has become AMFCO Group of companies. This group includes AMFCO International, AMFCO Systems LLC and Echelon Global Inc.

With a team over 150 certified professionals supporting over 400 customers in 13 countries,it has also formed partnerships and alliances in various countries to deliver its solutions efficiently.

AMFCO provides brand agnostic solutions in the domains of Enterprise Software, Structured Cabling, Data Network and Security, Unified Communications, Enterprise Servers and Storage, Virtualization, Disaster Recovery, Bussiness Continuity, Document Management, End to end Data Centre solutions, Voice and Video Conferencing, Analytical and Financial Solutions.

Understanding the change in global technology landscape, AMFCO also offers Cloud based Solutions and Services. It provides Managed Services,Consultancy,and Mobile App Development Services too.

Partnering with key vendors and integrators across the Region, AMFCO has satisfied customers in the segments of Education, Aviation, Government/Semi Government, Media, Telecommunication, Healthcare, Retail, Large and Medium Enterprises. We pride on our abilities to provide innovation technical solutions to our customer`s most challenging requirements while keeping a close eyes on the bottom line of their businesses.

Our President

  • Maroof Ayub


President Message

“Our experience across all industries enables us to harness the best ideas, practices and solutions from both the public and private sectors, for the benefit of every client. We are deeply committed, consistently inventive and determined to deliver. No job is too large for AMFCO, or too complex. Company has the skill to handle elaborate technical refinements one day, and the commitment to help you efficiently deliver a massive transformation of a project. We work as closely as possible with all of our customers. We strive them to think beyond their current needs, looking for ways to improve their cost effectiveness through products and processes. We believe the customer needs have to be considered with every product we offer and they become an integral part of the thought process as we develop not just products, but total solutions. Our leadership is a result of our employees. They have made AMFCO one of the outstanding companies in our industry. Each of them brings diverse background and specialized disciplines to deliver the one thing that our customers want the most - RESULTS “

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